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Nephilim Soul Removal

Nephilim Soul Removal
Nephilim Soul Removal

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Nephilim Soul Removal

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The Nephilim soul wrapped around the human spine inhibits consciousness expansion and prevents us fulfilling our highest potential through lightbody integration. This work is a sort of bypass to bring more light into the body and to remember who you are, stepping out from the game of separation and taking a path to Ascension.

As part of the Creation of the Game of Separation, each human has an extra consciousness embodied in addition to the human soul. Its purpose is to hold the illusion of being separate and disconnected from Divinity. It is wrapped around the spinal column and will often create back pain and headaches when you hit a threshold of awakening. It creates a very strong feeling of resistance in your consciousness.

In addition to the human soul, all currently incarnating humans also incarnate with a 4th dimensional being called the Nephilim. Its role is to keep you in separation consciousness so the game of life, including the outplay of polarities, can be played to its fullest.

The removal procedure involves dissolving the contract between the Nephilim consciousness and your soul. Once the vows are released, the Nephillim consciousness is removed. This creates the space for more of your Higher Self to embody. You may experience a great sense of relief and freedom, coupled with greater awareness and connection.

With the harmonic convergence in 1987, this game of life has now changed and rather than the out-breath of God which created more separation from the Divine, we are now in the in-breath of God phase, remembering and re-experiencing on the earth plane the unconditional love of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. This means we now have the capacity to disable a lot of the consciousness limiting structures that we originally choose to incarnate with to limit our lightbody and enable the game of separation.

The Nephilim soul is like the dark voice of the ego, throwing up negative thinking to inhibit the process of awakening. Of course this was all planned, and is part of the Divine plan, to play out the experience of separation from the Divine. Someone needed to do it, after all, and the job fell to the Nephilim. So we can hold only compassion for these beings as they are only maintaining their role.

As we embody more light of our presence, we reach a place where individually we are ready to return to the love of the Divine and holding the Nephilim becomes unmanageable. At which point, you start getting the signs, or find this page, and then you get the inner guidance or signs that it’s right for you.

After the Body Consciousness Realignment, much of the Nephilim soul is disabled – as the elementals are it’s main tools and once the Body's Consciousness works under your authority, as opposed to the Nephilim's authority, a lot changes.

Essentially this is one of the few quick fixes that really does work. The benefit of this removal occurs over time, as it’s extraction results in the embodiment of a lot more light over time, changing much of the density and heaviness into light.

Signs That This Is Right For You

If you have had specific awareness of your Nephilim soul wrapped around your spine, then this would be a good indicator it’s the right time for you.

You have had the Body Consciousness Realignment and want to take the next step.

You are actively aware and also working with your lightbody, or want to begin it’s integration.

Removal of the nephillim soul should be seen as a initial step in the lightbody integration process as they can strongly interfere with this process.

Nephilim Soul Removal Involves

Firstly, it is a requirement to receive the Body Consciousness Realignment prior to the Nephilim Removal.

Breaking of the original vows taken with the Nephilim soul – we break these vows from a very high level of consciousness working with a specific healing team of light beings.

You Can Expect To Feel

Dissolving of background level fear, sometimes the elimination of residual fear entirely.

You gain complete control and authority over your body, mind and soul – as opposed to sharing it with the nephilim.

You are able to start integrating a lot more light from your lightbody and it brings more grace to the process.

A sense that something is different – in a good, permanent way.

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