Protecting your energy!

I have had many people ask me how should they navigate this new world we all live in….all of the negativity, fear, depression, and sadness can be overwhelming for sensitive people.

And the bad news is I don’t think things are going to quickly get better, as this has been familiar energy for the past several years. We can’t just hide away in a bubble and wait for the sun to come out.

  1. So what do you do to navigate your time with others? If family dinnertime, holidays, or events are a huge trigger, it is best to say “No.” We are not obligated to partake in family event, or anything else for that matter. Honor your Soul and say NO! You don’t even need to come up with a good reason to satisfy others. It is important to maintain your vibrational frequency….and well all know that negativity lowers vibrational frequency!
  2. What are you absorbing in your environment? Ever get curious and turn on CNN? Too much, isn’t it! Are you overeating to self medicate for feelings you aren’t dealing with? It is hard in the beginning of the spiritual journey to just cut off television…I my self have a few shows I enjoy, so how can you turn on the television and not end up crawling in a huge hole of fear? Watch with intention. We stream shows that lift us up. comedy shows, documentaries about animals, or spirituality, cooking shows, and even a funny movie can keep you feeling uplifted. Also, how many hours are you plugged in to the matrix? I have limited myself to a few hours in the evening, and we have a plan of what we want to watch. Hulu and Prime always seem to have something available! And you have heard the phrase, you are what you eat…….well if you are eating sugar and fats and carbs, your vibrational frequency lowers, your body will be sluggish, and it also messes with our emotional state. Eat foods from the earth. CLEAN EATING! It might not sound exciting, but sure tastes great and your body uses the nutrients as fuel.
  3. Finding you have lost people to talk to? I have had a lot of clients tell me their social orbit has really shrunk. Some have lost relationships because they share different beliefs, or being isolated for so long they now feel like they are unable to adjust to being around others again. And some of us really like spending time with ourselves now, so just thinking about going out in the world feels more like a “no thanks.” It is not good to be imbalanced. You SHOULD go out some….go for a walk in a new park, go grab a coffee with a friend or someone who shares your views. Join a gym, the point is to be social and feel comfortable doing so. I may not like huge crowds, but I have a neighbor I hang with, and I love going to a movie or dinner sometimes. If your old crowd isn’t worth being around, find a new crowd! Meetup even has lots of groups for mommies, self employed, different age groups, singles, marrieds, you name it! Create a new tribe if you had to dump the old tribe!
  4. So when is the last time you grounded yourself? This could an epsom salt bath, grounding meditation, tree hugging, forest walking, grounding barefoot in the grass, in the shower, or through yoga…Not recently? You can’t let your auric field get cluttered like that! Chakras stop functioning, we start attracting lower vibrational stuff to us, we over sleep, get sick, feel zero energy, and can’t bounce back fast. So every week find time to put yourself first! And this leads me to my last thought……
  5. When is the last time you made connection with your spirit/higher self/intuition/Guides/Angels? If you have to think hard about that it has been too long. Connecting by our Claires to our guidance is our superpower! We are tuned in, our vibration is up, our guidance is giving us signs, and we feel connected and in balance. But if you are feeling lost, unable to focus, suffering from procrastination, Girl it’s time to get back on the bandwagon! My friend Tiffany goes through this often….on the wagon, off the wagon, etc. She is now setting a daily intention and is working on putting this time first in her day. Sometimes if we wait until the end of the day we have nothing left to give to ourselves yet alone Spirit. You can start by journaling your feelings, doing automatic writing, and there are so many meditations to choose from. Point is to start!!

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